Ever wondered what does a model do in a course of a day in her line of work? If you’re wondering, we are actually busy bees just like in any other jobs, but we do get the occasional ‘perks’ of having more day offs than other jobs, and unfortunately these day offs mean we’re out of jobs.

So what is a day of work like for a model? It depends. During the peak seasons, the usual routine would involve traveling from castings to castings, and I mean lots of them especially during fashion week. Aside from castings, there are fittings, jobs, and sometimes you’re called back to your agency. These schedules are usually so packed with different locations that you do not get the time to even sit-down and have a meal.

What about the low periods? These are days where you have a little bit more time during the day (just a little bit). These are days where you have lesser castings, maybe a shoot here and there, a small show in between etc. However, if you managed to score a catalogue shoot, campaign shoot, tv commercial shoot or any other kind of bigger jobs, it will swallow up your entire day from dawn to dusk, sometimes even a few days straight, which leaves you completely drained by the end of it.

It is, in general, a pretty hectic job despite your looks is the number 1 factor that determines how many jobs you get. A model has to constantly look good and maintain a certain physical body in order to progress well in her career. So kudos to all fellow models out there who are striving hard to achieve their dreams! For those who are starting out, good luck and persevere!