Ever dream of trying out modeling? Do not know where to start or what qualities you’ll need to have to be a model? The following tips would give you an idea and help you determine whether modeling is right for you!

What qualities do I need?

Personality. A strong personality is THE key in this industry. You don’t have to be tall, beautiful, and skinny to become a model these days. However, personality, character, and a sense of style makes you stand out among the crowd. Be yourself, and of course, be patient, and be prepared to work hard. It’s a tough industry especially when you’re first starting, but do not give up and enjoy the process, then magic happens!

Where do I start?

Get started with some photos done. Ask around, google, find freelance photographers and collaborate photoshoots with them. Build your portfolio, while gaining experience in front of the camera. Do be wary of whom you contact and who you work with though, especially when you’re inexperienced. You do not need to pay for fancy big photoshoots, there are a lot of people looking to “collaborate” (i.e. unpaid) with creative talents to build portfolios together. Start with those and make sure you find the right people or your portfolio will end up with a bunch of bad photos.

Modeling Agencies

So, you’re ready with your portfolio of photos. The first step is to determine what sort of modeling you’re interested in doing? Research and ask the right people from the agencies in your area. Go to their website and see what kind of models they work with. Once you found one that suits you, contact them, send photos, call, or you can even meet them up in person. Do not give up when one agency rejects you, keep trying and you can also attend any open casting calls available! Lastly, once you’re offered a contract, ALWAYS read it thoroughly before you sign!

For those aspiring models out there who have always been told that they have what it takes, do not shy away and always give your best! That being said, always be careful when you’re working with someone for the first time, or before you sign any contracts.