There are always ups and downs in a modeling career. But let’s face it, if it is not that great then why are all the girls dreaming to be a model? Of course there are still certain perks of being a model, below are some examples on what models usually get to enjoy!

If you love traveling, it could be one of the best perks of modeling (not talking about the expenses here). Models really do travel A LOT, either from castings to castings, or from countries to countries. Furthermore, the places we go such as casting locations, shoot locations, job locations, and even agency locations are sometimes located in some hidden beautiful part of a city that you would never get to explore if you weren’t sent there! So lots of discoveries and adventures is a plus.

Are you a people person? Meeting all kinds of people of all kinds of creativity and profession from all over the world is one of the amazing things about modeling. Through communicating with these individuals, one can actually learn pretty fast and gain a whole lot knowledge from them, even culturally!

You get to look good all the time: before jobs, during jobs, and after jobs. A model has to look good all the time. We have to groom and take care of ourselves in order to look good for castings, and when you’re at a job you get dolled up perfectly by professionals, and after the job you get photos in which you look amazing yourself. Being a model also attract a lot of attention, the good ones and the bad ones, but mostly good. People envy your look and sometimes you could even inspire young people in the right way as a model!

Another perk is, models get special privilliges sometimes. Most models get free entries to clubs, free meals, free drinks, and sometimes free items or clothes from a shoot or show you did. A lot of entertainment companies would offer free things to the models models for free publicity, promotion, or they just want models to hang around their places occasionally so that more people will be attracted to visit, hence more business. I mean, we have nothing to lose so this is something that other jobs may not give you.

There you have it, some of the perks that most models enjoy from time to time. Modeling may not be as glamorous as most people think, but at least we do get to enjoy some perks from the stressful unglamorous times!