How does a model maintain her physical look? Most females would die to find out the secret. Truth to be told, there are no secrets. It is basically a mix of blessed genetics, a healthy lifestyle, OR an unhealthy one.

When I mentioned ‘blessed genetics’, it basically means that person has some insane metabolism going on or that she is just born without the ability to store fat. There are certainly models who are tall and thin, with perfect modeling measurements that are actually constantly stuffing their faces with all the food in the world, be it healthy or unhealthy. They are just naturally thin and all we could do is just envy them.

For most of the models, we are just like any other women out there. We DO get fat. We have to constantly watch our diet, eat healthy, and work out. If we love our pizzas, we put in twice the effort while working out. That’s it, no short cuts, just hard work and determination. The best example I could give is Victoria’s Secret models, there’s always a price to pay in order to look like that!

Another group of models’ diet are the really unhealthy ones. Some models do starve themselves, throw up after eating, smoking to curb appetite etc. I’ve even experienced models chewing only gums or huge amount of sugar-free mints but not consuming food at all. These are usually the result of the pressure in the industry, or even peer pressure to look skinny in order to fit sample size clothing, or book more jobs. However, thanks to some of the organisations, celebrities models, designers out there in the current world who are actually concerned and against this; things are starting to change in the industry.

In summary, there are no secrets to how models look the way they do. Most of them worked hard to maintain. So ladies, eat well, live healthily, and you will get the look you want in no time!