Most people have a lot of misconceptions, stereotypes about models on their behavior and lifestyle. Whether or not these are truth about models, read on below to find out the common stereotypes and myths debunked!

Models don’t eat

Well, not all of us! The majority of models actually do eat, just very healthily to maintain how they look since it is the number factor that affects their career. So, in order to eat well and maintain a hot bod, one has got to exercise and yes, most of us do whether we like it or not, it’s part of our job, to get ourselves more jobs!

 Models are arrogant

Definitely not true. Most of the models are actually down to earth, kind, nice, and professional! Models have to maintain their image and book more jobs and one of the most important factor is to be humble, nice, and professional to the other people in their line of profession. And if you ever see any models showing their unhappy ‘resting bitc* faces’, they are mostly just tired or they are born with that resting face that no one could be blamed for.

Models get jobs daily

One of the downside of modeling is that we do not get jobs daily and we do not get paid very much (of course unless if you’re a supermodel). We usually get castings and auditions more often than our jobs, it is considered lucky if you have more than 2-3 jobs per week, or even per couple weeks. As for pay check, most jobs only pay you after a couple months or longer, and after all the deductions (agency fees, accommodation, flight etc), the model is probably left with only a small amount to get by.

Models are dumb

I do not even know how this misconception arise. Majority of the models are actually smart and brainy. Most of them are at least college graduates and some of them are even going through postgraduate studies while modeling at the same time! Education aside, a lot of models actually find ways to do side business or work online for extra income due to the nature of their work that involved a lot of traveling.

In a nutshell, get rid of all your stereotypical guess of not just models, but to any people with any sort of background, never judge a book by its cover they say!