One of the most important aspects of any career’s success is how one handles the various forms of workplace ‘relationships’ – relationships between your boss, clients, colleagues etc. In the modeling world, this translates into your clients, agencies, bookers, the crew you work with, and fellow models. Yes, besides the genetics base needed to determine if you’re suited to be a model, being smart with some good EQ is equally important for survival in this industry.

Let’s start with agencies and bookers. In short, the wrong type of agencies leads to the wrong type of bookers hence equals to career suicide. As mentioned, besides your blessed genetics, agencies and bookers are equally important. As a model, you’ll have to work on the relationship with your bookers too, show them what you’ve got, tell them your career goals, your concerns, and always be their friend whether you like it or not. They have so many models and clients to deal with daily, and let’s not deny the fact that some of them may be biased as well, so what makes them want to push you for jobs? That aside, it mostly depends on what type of clientele base they work with too; are they mostly commercial companies? Or are they mostly fashion? The easiest way to describe this is the irony of a love-hate relationship.

So, you’re given a few castings, you arrive at the castings excited, but being greeted by a long line of fellow genetically blessed beautiful humans from other agencies. Most times, you’ll see the same faces at the same castings, and if you were good at working the relationship between your fellow models, you wouldn’t be bored or intimidated at all at such castings, just for your own entertainment. But let’s face it; everyone wants that 1 job that they are there for. Friendship or not, most of them secretly wished you wouldn’t get it. I’m not saying you can’t build genuine friendship in the modeling world, it’s just whether you get to meet the right person or not.

Now you scored that casting and you rock up to work, most times you’ll be surprised by a crew of photographers, makeup artist, hairstylist, stylist, client etc. If you’re lucky, these people will treat you like a human being and actually be nice. In some situations, you’re just a ‘mannequin’ taking orders from grumpy photographers, difficult clients, stuck up stylists etc. However, if you’re good with your EQ or PR skills, work on the ‘relationship’ between these people while at the job, if they like you, your job will actually go well and perhaps more future bookings.

Now I may have made the whole modeling thing sounded negative but no, these are just part of the package, just like any other jobs, there are always the fun in it that makes people want to keep working for it! Stay tuned on this site for more modeling-related articles coming up!