When it comes to models, the first thought that most people will have is a tall, thin, beautiful human being with perfect skin, hair, and everything else. While this may be the majority kind of look that a typical model has, there are actually different kinds of model categories that most people wouldn’t know.

Runway Models

The ‘typical’ type of models most people assume. Runway models have to be tall and thin with the right height and measurements to fit designer clothes perfectly, and showcase the collection live on runways. Though having an attractive face is a plus, most runway models are not typically ‘beautiful’, they are usually edgier, high fashion, and have a stronger, sharper look. Some of the runway models also cross between working as an editorial model, just that they focus on runways more than editorial shoots.

Editorial Models

Editorial Models basically take a lot of photo-shoot jobs for fashion brands and magazines. Sometimes we call it a ‘high-fashion shoot’. Editorial models may not have to be tall, but a certain ‘look’ or ‘face’ is more important in this area. The taller ones will enjoy the benefit to become a runway model too depending on their interest. Nevertheless, the more jobs the merrier right?

Commercial Models

This category may not be as cool as the above two. However, this is a category where the money is. Commercial models can range from short, tall, thin, and average looking girls. An engaging, friendly, pretty face is usually the ones that are more sought-after in this category. Job types include magazine adverts, poster adverts, tv commercials, brand ambassadors etc. Most commercial models are actually not that tall if you’re wondering!

Plus-sized Models

This is a very unique category as they are much more supported in the current fashion industry than before. Plus-sized typically means women models with beautiful curves, a body size that could relate to most women out there instead of the typical high-fashion tall and thin bodies. Plus sized models work just like any other categories; all they need to posses is a great personality, an approachable and beautiful face, and a great plus-sized measurement in their division. Jobs include commercials, prints, shoots, and even runway shows, just like any other typical models’ jobs!

The above are just very summarized and general categories within the modeling industry. There are actually a lot more unique categories such as hair model, hand model, leg model, fit model, athletic model etc, do some research and have fun exploring if you are ever interested in this line of work!