After years of working as a full time model, I’d be lying if I told you that I haven’t dated any male models before. Imagine soaking around young, beautiful people with hot bodies almost everyday, there bound to be some sparks going on with some of them. During my modeling years, I’ve dated at least 4 male models, good and bad experiences just like any other relationships, the only difference is that they are male models – guys with a not-so-common job.

So how was my experience? I’ve been mostly unlucky, but of course there are always the good guys out there. Unlucky in the sense that most male models are players. To be honest, we can’t put the entire blame on them fooling around though. Imagine young, hot men with raging male hormones and being able to hang around female models daily, one would most likely succumb to temptation. In short, when they are interested in you, they seem like the sweetest, perfect good-looking partner you could ever dream of, but all these could end any moment when they are bored with you, or when they’ve found another target who looks a bit more like a supermodel goddess than you. After a few attempts, you would tell yourself never to date a male model ever again. However, as I said there are still the good bugs out there like right now, I can happily say that I’m attached to a male model for more than a couple years now who actually possess the quality of a husband-material guy!

So if you’re looking to date a male model, here is a list of things you have to be prepared of:

  1. I’m not being stereotypical but yes you have to be prepared that they are mostly players.
  2. You’ve got to be smart to capture his heart from all the other temptations going around him!
  3. Be prepared to understand that his daily jobs involve looking good and also working with all the beautiful female models.
  4. Do not fall too hard and break your own heart in the end! Unless of course if he is a good man and worth fighting for 😉

That being said, whatever it is, have fun in the process too, not everyone gets to date male models after all. Of course, whichever kind of guys you’re going to date, remember to always stay smart and protect yourself girls!