A professional full-time working model travels all the time, either locally or cross-countries. Rarely you would see a model with a tiny bag, most of them travel around with a medium to huge sized bag. Curious about what models actually carry around in their bags on a daily basis? Here are a few things that are essential in a working model’s bag :

Model Book/ Portfolio/ Comp cards

This is highly essential for models especially on casting days. Always be prepared, if you show up at a casting without your portfolio (or at least your composite cards), it just immediately shows the client that you are unprofessional let alone consider booking you for the job. A model portfolio is usually big, which explains the size of their bags!

Skin Care/ Hair Care/ Make-up

Also highly necessary for a model to carry around. A model has to always look good almost all the time, especially for models who travels a lot. Moisturisers, hair oil, comb, hair tie, essential make-up for touch-ups etc are all important necessities for a model’s daily casting or jobs. A model should always be prepared as you will never know what clients will need.

Comfortable Shoes/ High Heels

Needless to say, comfortable shoes or sneakers are for the purpose of running around for castings and jobs (no one likes to run and walk in high heels all day long!). On the other hand, high heels are essential as well for castings and jobs, majority of the castings and modeling jobs require high heels, so always be prepared!

Portable Phone Charger

Yes this is essential, well at least a wall plug charger if you do not have a portable one. Ensuring your phone is always contactable is highly important as a model. Your bookers may need to call you for important assignments or castings, or even change of information for a job or casting. Your clients may also need to contact you for any purpose regarding an upcoming job. It could be incredibly frustrating for them if they couldn’t get through to you on time and that could mean losing a gig and also ruining their impression of you.

There you go, a general summarized list of things that a working model carries in her bag. This also explains why we are always carrying bigger sized bags like we’re heading out for a short trip or we’re going to school!