Every model wants to strike a connection and leave a good impression on every client and crew. The harsh reality in this industry is that besides looks and personality, connections are important too. In this article we will look at how models can do their part in prepping for professional photoshoots!


The ultimate goal of a model to complete a shoot perfectly is to make everyone’s job easier and go through with it smoothly. When a model gets a confirmation of job for a photo shoot, the first thing to take note of is the condition of skin. If you are someone who takes care of yourself everyday, eat healthy and sleep well, this will not be of any worry. The last thing a model needs for a shoot is bad skin and hair. This will not only drag the shoot time because the makeup artist has to spend more time on covering your flaws, but it will also add on extra work for the photographer to do extra photo touch-ups after the shoot. Extra time and added workload could sometimes mean extra charges to the client, which could ultimately mean they will never book you ever again.

Another important tip is to do your homework, research on the shoot if you could, and make sure you check with the photographer or your booker on any necessary items to bring to the shoot. While most shoots provide everything, sometimes they will still need models to bring certain items depending on the outfits and the theme. Do arrive with the required hair and skin preparation too; sometimes you may be required to arrive with base makeup.

During the shoot, make sure you communicate well with what the photographer or client requests. For instance, what products they are trying to show, what sort of mood they need, what kind of emotions do you have to bring in front of the camera, and what are you comfortable or not comfortable with. All these are essential to a smooth shoot to be completed within the designated time frame. Also, a model is usually required to have high energy throughout a long day of shoot in order to get things done smoothly (that is why a good night’s sleep is essential!).

Towards the end of the shoot, remember never to ask questions regarding possible future bookings nor when will you be able to receive the photos etc. Such questions are a huge turn-off when everyone is exhausted from the day’s work. A good example to give a great impression is to ask for advice or critics of how you performed throughout the shoot. This shows that you are eager to learn and that you take this seriously towards your career advancement as a model.