The one big question that most people wonder – Are most models suffering from eating disorders? The answer is yes and no.

In my opinion, modeling scenes in the past years have had more reports of eating disorders. If it was not eating disorders, then most models were resorting to methods such as drug use, diuretics, smoking etc. to curb appetite. Some even went as far as dipping tissues or cottons in orange juice and consume them to feel full. I cannot speak for majority of the models, but what I do know is that in the current situation, there are new laws set out in America and other countries for models to have health screenings before they can start working.

The newly set laws are to ensure models are healthy to work, and to minimize the rate of eating disorders. This is one huge positive improvement for models as well as towards societal standards. Currently, most models that I know of during my modeling experiences are trying their best to maintain optimum nutrition and health while staying in shape. Although there are still a few out there who are practicing unhealthy diets, we can at least be positive that many of the models are not adopting such lifestyle anymore.

Agencies and bookers also play vital roles in a models’ lifestyle. Depending on what kind of agency you are working with, they may unknowingly encourage a model towards the path of eating disorders; or they may encourage them towards a healthy nutrition and diet lifestyle. Some agencies like to constantly measure or weigh their models and tell models to lose weight, which could psychologically put a stress on models to want to lose weight fast in order to get booked for jobs. However, some agencies would constantly encourage their models to eat well and exercise, avoid the mistake of telling them they are fat, and protect them when clients attack their body size at castings or jobs.

In order to improve the positive body image and healthy lifestyle among models, every aspect in the fashion industry, society, and the media have to be at the same level to continue to help eliminate eating disorders.