Models are constantly under the pressure to look good. They are always being told to improve something on themselves, mostly physical. In addition, they have to handle and endure the constant criticisms from clients, peers, bookers, or even the public. Not to forget the fact that most models started out as teenagers ranging from as young as 13 or 14 years old! It takes a lot of strength mentally to overcome all these criticisms from such a young age, especially the negative ones.


I started my modeling career a lot older than the other girls. I started out only after I have finished my university studies. I was blessed with younger looks to be able to start late. I used to feel super old among all the other models, but looking back from now, I am actually glad that I started out late and at a mature age. Even though I started out at an older age, I do admit that I was somewhat affected by the negative criticisms when I first started out. It really takes a lot of self-love, mental strength, as well as supportive friends and family around you to keep you sane and support you positively to prevent you from losing yourself.


Throughout my modeling years, I have had bookers pressuring me to lose weight; clients telling me I was too big for their clothes; being told I was too short for certain jobs; being criticized that my forehead was too big or my eyes were too wide apart; and fellow models gossiping about how unattractive my looks were. These are just some of the less negative criticisms I have received. Yes, unfortunately there were more and they are not exactly encouraging words. I have lived my early days as a model being affected by all the comments and criticisms I received, but eventually I grew out of this negative cycle and learned to accept the fact that my looks may not be suited for every modeling job in the world.


People have to be aware that one word or a simple phrase of comment or criticism can affect someone to quite a certain extent, not just in the modeling industry but also in today’s society at large. I do certainly hope that people could be more considerate and encouraging when giving comments or constructive criticisms to others, and try to utilize positive words. As to all the aspiring and starting models out there, always be positive, love yourself and remember you are beautiful just the way you are!