What is a perfect model catwalk? It may look effortlessly easy on the runway, but a model’s catwalk is certainly a kind of skill that is quite challenging to master. There is definitely some level of pressure to achieve a good and almost-perfect catwalk on a runway. Every model will want to give their best walk in order to showcase designer pieces in the best way possible along with the biggest impact. Some agencies send their models for professional catwalk classes; some models practice and learn by themselves for hours and days; while some even went as far as attending ballet classes.

Posture & Balance

Always focus on thinking yourself tall. Stand up straight while slightly leaning your upper body backwards to allow your long legs to walk out first. To keep your feet facing forward instead of outwards, pointing your toes could help. Lastly, putting one leg in front of the other and walk in a straight line.

Hips, Head, & Arms

The key here is to not move these parts too much, but keep it as natural as possible. Naturally swaying hips and arms are essential while you walk, and a bobbing head side to side or up and down is a big no-no. Depending on clothing, sometimes you may opt for an arm in a pocket, or one hand holding a handbag etc.

Confidence & Posing

Almost every runway show may require a pose at the end or the middle of a runway. Depending on the theme of the show, poses could be natural fashion poses, or dramatic Haute Couture poses. A good walk and a good pose involve strong inner-confidence. Keeping good comfortable eye contact can keep you focus while walking. Another tip is to always have a rhythm while walking, enjoy your walk and let your personality sparkle!


As you can see, doing the perfect runway model walk is not an easy skill, nor something that every female is born with. Practice makes perfect. The key ingredients to master for a perfectly beautiful catwalk are physical balance, poise, posture, inner confidence, and a personality that shines.