There are several different kinds of model photo shoots. One of the most common shoots is fashion photoshoots. It may seem pretty straightforward on what a fashion photoshoot is, but the truth is that there are so many kinds of fashion photo shoot that every model has to learn throughout her career. For instance, fashion shoots include editorial shoots, commercial shoots, catalogue shoots, campaign shoots and the list goes on.

So what really goes on in a fashion shoot? Before a fashion shoot happens, the crew has to actually go through lots of pre-shoot work. After a discussion with clients on what they are looking for in that particular shoot, the crew has to start planning a location, the theme of the shoot, the preparation of on-set props and backdrop, a thorough schedule of the shoot day, and most importantly casting the correct model for the shoot.

Once every pre-shoot preparation work has been done, the actual shoot day is the essential part that sometimes could be pretty stressful for the crew. The biggest worry is when someone or something arrives late. The person in-charge of scheduling the shoot has to make sure everyone and everything important arrives on set by the designated time. For example models, crew, makeup artists, products for shoot, equipment are essential for a smooth shoot. Any kind of delay means extra expenses and nobody likes extra expenses. During the shoot, communication and understanding between each and everyone is important to get the shoot going in the right direction. As for an outdoor shoot, preparation for bad weather alternative would be important too.

After a photo shoot, it is mostly the photographer’s job to do the editing. Meeting up with clients and sometimes the model for further discussion on the final photos are important. The final edited photos would be the ultimate product for showcasing or advertising the main item or business of purpose. This could make or break the aim of the shoot for the particular product, item, or services.

There are actually a whole lot more details that go on into setting up and progressing through a shoot. These are just general ideas on what goes on in a general fashion photo shoot. Every person from the client, agency, booker, model, to every member of the crew and the role that they play is highly essential in making sure that a photo shoot goes smoothly. It is in a way, considered very business-oriented.