Being a female in this fast pace world is tough enough, not to mention also being young and naïve. Growing up as a girl, we are filled with insecurities, uncertainties, trying to fit in, and trying to please everyone. We often get lost in the process of growing up as a female, most do not know how to love themselves, and most do not know how to say no. This is one of the most occurring problems in the modeling world.


Most aspiring and starting models are of very young teenagers. We are amazed, excited, and intrigued by all the glitz and glamour that were promised when we were plunged into the modeling world. All we wanted was to work hard and become successful. So we try to be the “good” model with zero attitude they say, we keep quiet and do anything and everything that people tell us to, even when we are uncomfortable with them. For instance, we do not know how to say no to nude shoots even if we are so uncomfortable with it; we do not say no when we are forced to attend parties and events that are filled with sleazy clients and bosses; we do not say no when we are being exploited in modeling payments, or not being treated like humans at jobs. These are just the very few examples from the many pressing issues to young girls in the modeling world.


People take models for granted and it is certainly not acceptable. I have learned throughout my years of modeling on how to stand up for myself and say no to reject jobs, people or things that makes me uncomfortable. I have learned that it is OKAY to say NO and lose some opportunities here and there, and chose to listen to my own little voice and live with pride. Yes, saying no as a model may put you into the “diva model” list under some clients or bookers, but there is nothing wrong with that. Opportunities are everywhere if you work hard and believe in yourself. I have been threatened that I will never work as a model again if I do not take certain jobs, but I am still working a lot after rejecting that certain job that made me uncomfortable.


My point here is to highlight the importance of saying no not just as a model, but also as an individual, a strong female who stands up for what she believes. To all the young girls out there, whether you’re a model or not; never feel the pressure to conform to things that you do not feel comfortable with. Learn to say no and keep striving forward!