Controversies regarding models being exploited in the industry are growing in today’s society. Increasing numbers of ex-models or even current models are stepping out to reveal the darker side of modeling that most people do not see, hoping to voice out and raise awareness to make a difference in modeling industry practices. Before one would think of entering the modeling world, it is wise to think again.

A mere simple Google keyword search on ‘the modeling industry’ will give you shocking results of links to articles from CNN to The Huffington Post, with topics such as ‘runway injustice’, ‘pressures of the modeling industry’, ‘the modeling industry laid bare’ etc. Why is it that a simple and innocent Google keyword search would lead to such articles? Perhaps the industry really has to look into the ways they practice on working with models?

A casual read into those articles are enough for someone to understand the darker side of the modeling industry. The most occurring issues being models not knowing how long they are going to work; how much they are going to be paid; how long do they have to wait for the payment to come in; what are the extra deductions on top of their pay; and how much the agency is earning without their knowledge. Many former models have spoken out regarding such issue, hoping that someday such issues could be resolved and preventing young and naïve models being exploited in the industry. One other more pressing issue involves the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of a model. Constant body shaming, anorexia, rape cases etc. are serious problems that are occurring on a daily basis within the modeling industry. To date, only a few brave models have spoken out on their own experiences and tried to do something to make a change in this industry. Nevertheless, how many more of them are going to suffer in silence and fear?

During an interview, a former director of several top modeling agencies for 25 years have expressed that she will never allow her son and daughter to become a model. This alone explains a lot about the industry itself. To model or not to model is a choice of an individual. However, when increasing number of complains or cases of such exploitations have surfaced, it is no doubt that the industry or even the law and government should start looking into making appropriate changes.