Models may seem like the most perfect human being in existence. They are always beautiful, always confident, always looking radiant and healthy. Some may wonder: do they even have flaws or insecurities? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, and the reality is almost all models have insecurities.

Models are constantly being expected to look good or almost perfect at all times. Throughout the years of all models’ career, they are constantly being told that they need to improve themselves. Imagine daily input from people around you that tells you to be thinner, tanner, improve your skin, hair etc., or generally things that you must improve yourself because you are not good enough. Models have to go through these comments and sometimes criticisms on a day-to-day basis, and not forgetting most models are young and still going through their teenage years. Overtime, this could actually take a toll mentally and on their self-confidence.

Another factor that could cause insecurities in models is the international popularity that comes with their career. Fame and success may seem amazing on the outside, but this could sometimes cause trust issues in models. Imagine the scenario where people recognize you when you achieved a certain level of fame, but how many of them are genuine enough to be trusted as your friend? You may become constantly wary or insecure about people around you who attempt to be your friend, or “friend”?

On the other hand, people around you will often stereotype you if you claim to be a model. The society often sees models as beautiful, arrogant, rich, nothing to worry at all, or successful. People may be intimidated by you, jealous of you, or categorize you into someone who lives different lives as them. This could make it difficult for models to fit in to any group of friends or anyone that they can actually relate to.


Lastly, models are human beings too, just like you. They have their daily insecurities and worries in life that they have to go through as well. Nobody is perfect and no life is perfect no matter how seemingly amazing and worry-free a model’s life may seem.