Being a model is not your typical 9-5 job. One of the perks of modeling is that you get random free time and day offs when the fashion season is low. So what are the basic style and fashion tips when models are off-duty?

The reality is that models are basically born good-looking at some point, even during their day-offs. How did they do it? Most models would grab the opportunity for day offs to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. Their day-to-day job involves countless hair styling, thick makeup, and endless high heels walk. Most of the models would opt for makeup-free and also dress-down during their off-days. However, a model never knows when they have sudden castings or jobs or whom they will bump into on the streets. It is still important to maintain a “model-off-duty-look” during those days. For instance, go makeup-free by all means if you have great skin. Otherwise, a light blusher with mascara would be fresh and natural enough. Hair would be easy: either bun it, ponytail, or just let it flow naturally. The idea here is to embrace your natural beauty and confidence!

Moving on to models off duty fashion. Models look good in everything; it is their job to make outfits look great and there is no deny to that. Models’ off days are typically aimed at being comfortable at its best. Loose, comfortable tops with comfortably fitted pants or jeans would be perfect. A beautiful flowy dress would make a great choice too! Heels are mostly not an option. The main point here is to relax and the key is to be as comfortable as you prefer!  

If you are always mesmerized by models’ effortlessly fashionable off-duty style, it is only a click away. The Internet has many interesting and great websites with photos of models-off-duty styles from all over the world. Check them out to get some comfortable yet stylish outfit ideas!