When it comes to the topic of models, most people automatically associate it with female models. Men are often being perceived as the breadwinner, the top of their game, generally stronger and more successful in our current society. Unfortunately in the fashion industry, this is not the case.


Although there is no deny that the fashion industry does advocate male models, they are somehow under-represented, and yes we all do not value male models as much as female models. The industry does have agencies that represent only male models, or fashion week that only features menswear designers. However, if you look around fashion magazines, commercials, clothing, shows etc., majority of the models are females. The job opportunities for male models are generally lesser; therefore opportunities for success in building their career are narrowed down as well. Have you ever seen plus sized male models? Or fashion brands targeting and promoting plus sized men? Furthermore, most people may not know this but male models are mostly underpaid compared to female models. Unless, perhaps if clients request them to be topless or have nudity shoots, rates could be a little bit higher, but that is not always the case.


Another concern regarding male models is the stigma surrounding this choice of career path in men. The society often perceives male models as stupid, narcissistic, insecure, photoshopped, and a bad choice of date. Also, there are male models that express being looked down upon when they told people they are working full time as a male model. It is definitely obvious that male models are being overly objectified as merely good-looking pretty boys with great body.


This attitude towards male models within the industry and the modern society is not something to be encouraged upon. Male models are models too. They should have the equal rights to being represented and paid equally in the fashion industry, and also being respected in the society as a professional, proper career path that men have the freedom to choose.