Modeling could be a great career in the long run if you built it well and progressed through the years successfully. However, some models opted for a different career path when they have hit “the age” when they are considered too old or not having the fresh look to catch up with the industry anymore. I am one of these models.


Although I still enjoy the luxury of being able to book modeling jobs every now and then; the frequency of jobs gets lesser, and the types of modeling jobs I get are a little bit different from what I used to get in my “fresher” days. I knew it was time to change my direction to something else relatable, and a field where I could still utilize my experience and skills from being a model. I was lucky to be in a modeling agency that handles artistes and talents as well, and I did not hesitate to start my training and journey with them.


I am happy to say that through all the time spent training with professionals on singing classes, acting classes, and language classes, I am now considered as a professional actress and host. It is different yet somewhat similar to modeling. I am glad that my modeling experiences have prepared me well in terms of confidence and charisma in front of the camera and a huge group of crew. It is a whole new experience and I have a lot more to learn down the road, but it is definitely a good career option for models who have exhausted their youth in modeling and looking for something new. I am not the only model who shifted into acting and hosting. There are a lot of currently well-known and successful celebrities who were once models too such as Ashton Kutcher, Cara Delevigne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, just to name a few.


I would say I am one of the lucky ones to be able to progress smoothly into the field of acting and hosting. It is, no doubt, another tough industry to break through. Nevertheless, hard work and determination always pays off! At least acting and hosting do not have tight limitations to your youth or whether your look is “fresh” enough for the industry!