Modeling itself is tough enough; imagine the endless fashion terminology a model has got to master in order to progress well in her career! Here are a few main fashion terms decode for all fellow models out there.

Go See

“Go-See” may not be a familiar term for some models, but you may have heard of this term in the popular modeling competition TV series ‘America’s Next Top Model’. “Go-See” simply means a casual casting appointment where models bring their books into a studio of a designer or brand to show them what they have got as a model. Usually a “Go-See” involves a small walk and sometimes Polaroid shots, and the models leave with high hopes that they will be booked for future projects such as runways, look book shoots etc.

Cold Read

Sometimes models go to commercial castings that involve some talking and a little bit of acting. A cold read means that a model is expected to rock up to such castings and be given a script on the spot to be read out, with probably little to no time allowance for practice and preparation at all, and that also means definitely no opportunity for practice a day or two beforehand.

Test Shoot

Test shoots are typically done for models to build and update their portfolios. A test shoot is a collaboration shoot between the photographer and the model, or sometimes between everyone involved, including the makeup artist and stylist. This collaboration is a non-paid shoot where everyone trades their services and work in exchange of good quality photos for their portfolios.


Editorials are fashion photo shoots (usually high-fashion) typically styled in a way in which there is a story to be told, or a mood and feeling to be carried across to readers rather than just showcasing clothes. These photos are usually published in fashion magazines where the magazine director is involved in collaboration with the photographer with an idea or direction for the shoot.

These are only a few main terms listed that models should know. Of course a model has a lot more fashion terminology to master, but rest assured, they are not as complicated as you may think!