Models always look perfect with a great sense of fashion and style. Most would wonder if this is a natural in-born talent, or do models have to go through trainings and studies about fashion and style?

Fashion and Models are two words that are inter-connected in many ways. Without fashion there will be no models; similarly without models fashion cannot really progress forward. Is being knowledgeable considered a pre-requisite for models? Yes and no. Style and fashion surrounds a model’s career all the time. It certainly is beneficial if a model possesses a great sense of style with a wide knowledge in everything fashion related prior to modeling. For instance, knowing the latest trends and up-coming designers are definitely a plus point for models at castings. Having dressed well with great personal style also helps models stand out in the crowd, while being knowledgeable on fashion definitely sets a good first impression on any modeling jobs.


As mentioned above, being fashionable could be a pre-requisite to be a model, but it is not necessary. Everyone starts out somewhere, including starting models. If you put someone with zero fashion knowledge or very minimal personal style into the modeling and fashion world, sooner or later it will definitely rub on. Models learn a lot of things through modeling, and without a doubt, fashion trend is one of them. Models learn to dress well overtime for castings and events, and they also had to learn a lot of fashion terms and designer names. It may sound like a lot of hard work to remember, but it is actually very much like a natural skill that one develops overtime.


Being fashionable as a model is not something to be studied upon in a schooling environment. It is something that models learn throughout their career, and they somehow progressed naturally and start to develop their own sense of style coupled with the latest trends, which in turn benefits their career.