Ever wondered how models maintain their skin and look flawless all the time? The truth is, we are not born with perfect skin nor do we always look perfectly airbrushed all the time. However, due to the nature of the industry, models have to look good for castings and jobs all the time; we cannot afford to walk around with horrible-looking skin. Cautious care and practicing a healthy lifestyle are essential for models when it comes to always being photo-ready. Here are some of our all-time favorite model skin care tips!



Hydration is key. This is one of the top and best tips that all models swear by. Making sure you are getting enough water all the time is the key to hydrating your skin. Water flushes out toxins in your body and prevents you from having dry and dehydrated skin. A happy skin is one that has enough hydration and when you drink enough water, you will see the results in no time!

Sun Protection

No matter how lazy or how much you hate the process of putting on products to your face, sunscreen is a must. Exposing to sunlight UV rays can cause long term damages to our skin that are invisible to our eyes. UV rays damages skin fibers and overtime our skin will become dull, saggy, and stretchy; eventually loses the ability to go back into place. Sunscreen is highly essential everyday even in the evening! The suggested spf for facial sunscreen is at least 15 – 30spf.

Minimise sugar intake

Sugar is one of the hidden culprits for bad-looking skin. Sugar causes inflammation, wrinkles, and acne to our precious skin. If you are a sugar-lover, it is time to divert your cravings to something else healthier. Avoid refined sugar for a week or two and your skin will certainly thank you for that.

Always Cleanse Thoroughly  

To all the lazy girls out there, if you do not practice removing your makeup and cleansing daily, please start this new habit right now for the welfare of your precious skin! Make-up products, dusts in our environment, and oily skin can all contribute to clogging our pores and trapping harmful bacteria. Cleansing thoroughly with the right skin care products twice or thrice daily is important for keeping our skin clean and fresh, preventing unwanted inflammation and acne. Keeping your germs-filled fingers off of your face is also something to remember!


The above are just some favourite, easy tips from models on how they care for their skin daily. Of course, everyone has different types of skin, it is still up to yourself to be familiar and find out what suits you most and keep a healthy lifestyle to maintain a beautiful skin!