The sensitive topic on real fur or faux fur being used in the fashion industry has always been a never-ending debate. Designer labels are especially affected when it comes to the fur debate. Is this a question of personal choice, or is it supposed to become part of the law to protect animals?

Why are designers in love with the usage of fur for their creative pieces? The reality is, there is this je ne sais quoi going on with fur designs that most fashion lovers cannot deny. There is something intriguing, something attractive, and something that feels very classic Hollywood-glamour when it comes to fur. It is perhaps a symbolic item of luxury and status from the olden days. Nevertheless, there is always a good and bad side of everything that becomes famous.

In the 1970’s, the ugly truth behind the hidden cruelty on animals for the demand on their fur had surfaced and stirred up huge controversies. Come 1980’s PETA was established and even more exposure of covered-up suffering of animals were surfaced. PETA’s loud campaigns and active protests have finally made an impact in the fashion industry.

Major fashion designer labels from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, to Kym Ellery and Stella McCartney have since joined in to encourage fashion houses to utilize technology for faux fur instead on real fur. Nevertheless, there are still other big designer houses such as Chanel, Prada, Fendi etc. turning an eye closed and continued with their trend of fur designs. Some mentioned that they do not get the message as people are still eating meat and they do not see the difference.

Real fur or fake fur? Or is it the major question of whether or not you feel that it is right to protect the animals from cruelty? The right or wrong to be purchasing, supporting, or wearing the creation of fur in fashion is a complicated topic for debate. Some would argue that it is just an ignorant bliss, or that it is difficult to stop all at once due to its value in the industry. To support the usage of fur and the buying of fur products, or to support campaigns such as PETA, it is perhaps entirely up to the person him/herself.