First and foremost, we all know deep down inside there is no short cut in achieving a dream bikini body. Models are not excluded! We do work hard for how we look! So what are the main lifestyle changes you need to kick-start your journey towards that hot body?

Never Skip A Meal

A lot of young girls and woman tend to believe that skipping meals could help them lose weight. This is a big misconception! Skipping meals are actually not helping you to lose weight but instead slowing down your metabolism and storing your body’s fat in “starvation mode”. A good, nutritious 3-meals a day plan with some healthy snacks in between would be the ideal way to maintain your weight. Avoid things like fast food, snacks, simple-carbs, or refined-sugar, and always opt for more fruits, greens, good protein, and complex carbs. Never forget to have enough water-intake daily too, which could help with maintaining your weight as well.

If you want it, work for it

Nutrition is key but in order to achieve a glowing, fit, and healthy bikini body, exercises are key. What is so bad about being active? To those who dislike exercises, you can always switch up your exercise routine or search for that one sport that you are actually interested in. Have fun while moving your body at least 30 minutes each time, 3-4 times per week for optimum maintenance of fitness level. As for a bikini body, a suggestion of at least 30 minutes cardio daily combined with some weight training in between would be ideal. The key here is determination and consistency. Do not give up easily and you will get what you have been dreaming for!


In short, there is really no short cut for getting that dream bikini model body that you always yearn for. Some people get it with lesser effort than the others, but this is just a minor difference in their genetics. Everyone has to work hard to have that body, no one is ever born into it. So ladies, work hard, eat well, do not give up and look forward to the day where you can proudly put on your bikini!