Models are somewhat like human canvases. They go through daily hair and makeup styling, which could lead to unwanted damage to their skin and hair. Nevertheless, it is part of a model’s job to maintain a healthy look regardless of the daily styling stress. Let us have a look at some of the model hacks for keeping a healthy hair.


Less Shampooing

Take it easy on the amount of times that you shampoo your hair. Our scalp produces natural oil that protects our hair. Excessive shampooing could strip this natural oil off of our scalp. Furthermore, some hairstylists would need to wash your hair too; hence you can skip a few shampooing in-between! If your hair is overly greasy, you may opt for conditioner that has a small amount of sulfate to do the trick.


Sleep with Braided Hair

Daily hair styling procedures can really take a toll on models’ hair, leading to broken and damaged strands. One popular hack among models to reduce hair fall or hair breakage is to go to bed with a head full of braided hair. Braid your hair anyway you like it, but make sure it is comfortable and not too tight! A loose braid would be ideal as well. Sleeping with braided hair is known to have reduced hair breakage over night and therefore less hair fall too. Braided hair reduces friction and pulling when you are sleeping. The added benefit is that you would wake up with a beautiful head of naturally curled hair!


Regular Deep Conditioning

Constantly styled and manipulated hair can be very coarse and dry. This is when you need to really flush your hair and scalp with lots of vitamins, nutrients, and moisturizing products! Regular deep conditioning after every shampoo session followed by hair oil application is the key. Put on a plastic cap for an hour or so to allow the nutrients to sink in, and you are good to rinse!


Hair Mask

Similar to the method of deep conditioning, the right hair mask can save damaged hair really effectively. Depending on the level of damage and your hair type, there are several types of hair masks that are pretty effective on the market. Most hair masks are safe to be applied for hours, while some are safe for overnight application too! Being diligent to constantly “mask” your hair could actually save your hair from over-styling!


These hacks may not be suitable for everyone, but it is definitely methods that most models swear by! Hard work always pay off they say, your hair will definitely thank you for your effort by giving you a full head of beautiful and healthy hair!