Fancy on trying out some usual model diet habits? Most people would generalize models as the “grass-only eating machine” with a very boring, tasteless, and strict diet. I can re-assure you that that is entirely not the case. I may not be able to speak for all models, but the following are some models’ eating habits that I have discovered over the years of my modeling experience. It is really not as bad as you would think!


Water is your best friend

Models have the same habit of drinking water, lots of water. Sufficient amount of water means beautiful hydrated skin and a healthy toxic-free body! Go ahead and start drinking and you will see the glowing difference in no time!


Salads, the interesting kind

While some models love to stick to the traditional “model salad”, such as only greens, raw, and without dressing; most of us actually do have a lot of protein and good carbohydrates with yummy dressing in our salads! Lean protein such as chicken, salmon, beans, and nuts are all great addition to the usual greens. Soba, brown rice, quinoa or even pastas are some of the favourite carbohydrate options. Healthy and tasty salad dressing includes lemon juice, avocado sauce, vinaigrette, olive oil and many more!


Healthy juices

Homemade mixed juices or fresh juices are models’ favourite. Sometimes there will be options of cold-pressed juices provided backstage or on set, which are also the favourite go-to option for models. Juices are easy to find in most places as well, so no excuse for skipping that healthy juice for a soda!



Yes, models do eat sandwiches! It is not only easy-to-pack, but also a lot of room for creativity. Switch up your sandwich with avocado, healthy vegetables, brown bread, salmon, chicken, or even fruits!


Coffee and Tea

Caffeine could be very beneficial to the body if taken in moderate amount. It is also a model’s best friend! Caffeine gives you energy and helps beat the bloat and water retention. However, too much caffeine will actually dehydrate you and that is certainly not something we want. Go ahead and enjoy your caffeine whether or not you are a coffee or tea lover!


There you have it! These model-eating habits do not seem as unachievable as you may think! Trying these tips out is also a good way to kick-start your healthy eating habits journey. Nothing to lose but something to gain!